[Healeys] RE vin plates on ebay

carroll phillips bjcap at optonline.net
Wed Jun 21 17:10:24 MDT 2017

Guys, If you do have your I.D. tags re stamped because of originals are 
not up to the new restoration look ect.
save the old ones and keep them in a safe place. A few years ago at the 
Bonhams Auction at the Greenwich Conn, Concours, I heard the Conn.. 
State Police were looking into just that and wanted proof of the 
original plate if there was a new stamped one on the car. I also had an 
XKE coupe I restored at the shop, customer wanted the plate re newed ( 
stamped) for concours showing, had Todd Clarke do it ( fantastic job) 
Told the owner to keep original and he lost it ( never found it either) 
He went to sell the car and could have gotten a high dollar amount right 
from the first buyer , but they demanded the original plate as proof of 
originality. He lost the sale to that prospective buyer.So keep the 
original plates !
Carroll Phillips
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