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Per Schoerner per at schoerner.se
Wed Jun 21 11:01:53 MDT 2017

And what do you think we have here in Sweden? We have a Mk II BN7 that has been hidden by a BT7 chassis plate, since it was new I've been told. Apparantly the plate was incorrectly stamped from the factory, the Heritage certificat says BN7, with the same number. Well, a little story from real life.

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> 21 juni 2017 kl. 16:43 skrev "josef-eckert at t-online.de" <josef-eckert at t-online.de>:
> Years ago I was looking for a 3000 MK2. I was offered a centre shift BT7 and a side shift BN7 from the same dealer. On the MK2 BN 7 it was interesting to see that there were no seatbelt anchor plates fitted. And you could see some grinding marks on the upper front cross member as well and the chassis plate was not the original, but a new stamped part.
> At the end I bought the very honest MK2 BT7, as it was absolutely original with the original engine fitted and I had some doubts about the BN7 which might have started its life as a 3000 MK1.
> Josef Eckert
> Könogswinter/

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