[Healeys] eBay body/Vin plate auctions

Jean Caron vintage_roadster_restoration at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 19 21:17:58 MDT 2017

Yes I agree, one can build a complete Austin-Healey from spare parts and use a blank serial number plate but you still need a serial number for it.

I do not see any problems with selling a blank plate and then you get your serial number punched into it, but buying a serial number from a wreck, that's another story. I think that is where it gets a little murky.


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Moss sells blank V.I.N. plates and you can create your own car from parts.


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I would agree with you Bob that it is borderline legal and very likely illegal in many States and most Provinces in Canada.


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Wow ... Wouldn't have thought this was legal (or is it?).


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Hope you are doing well.  As a keeper of the BJ* registry, I thought you may need to note the information in the attached links.  Although, you are most likely already on top of it.
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