[Healeys] Top half car cover

Daniel White healeydan at wowway.com
Wed Jun 14 11:17:03 MDT 2017


I'm looking for what's called a "top half car cover" for my BN7. 
It covers the convertible top/hard top, windshield and side curtains 
to keep rain out of the cockpit/interior of the car. There is a posting 
in the archives from about seven years ago by Randy Hicks 
where he he talks about this type of cover. I Googled the mfg he 
mentions but am drawing a blank. I sent an email to Randy's 
address as shown in the posting but haven't heard from him. 

Any leads would be greatly appreciated. I know, there is always 
the Dollar Store tarp and bungee cords but the car deserves better. 

Dan White 
1962 BN7 MK II 
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