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Hello Mark


Of course with a larger pulley it means that it will turn slightly slower.
Whether that has an effect on the charging rate I don’t know.


It’s not just the generator pulley that’s different as I have recently found
out that the water pump pulley in the early six-cylinder engines is larger.
I fitted a new water pump to the BN3 only to find that when fitting the
standard fan belt it was too long and the generator was hitting the steering
column. With a 2 ½ centimetre shorter belt it fits perfectly.


Best wishes


Patrick Quinn

Blue Mountains, Australia 


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Until now I'd never noticed the small differences in generator pulley


What is the diameter of the pulley fitted to a Mk II tri-carb - part number
AEC 910 ?

The one presently fitted to mine is 100mm.  It does not have a part number
on it.


I have a 100/6 pulley with part number AEC 291 sitting on my shelf.  

It shows the part number on the casting and has a diameter of 110 mm.  (see
photo attached.)


As a matter of interest - could the 100/6 pulley be used on a later model
without adverse effect - bearing in mind the generator speed would be only
marginally reduced.






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