[Healeys] BJ8 gearbox rebuild

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Fri Jun 9 16:14:26 MDT 2017

Hi Larry,

Thanks for confirming what they are intended for. I ground a couple of
grooves in the shaft below 3-4 hub and they now work as intended. 2nd
gear I figured wouldn't be an issue since 1st is only used briefly at
low speed and it allows me to use an earlier style collar/gear which
is in near new condition.

Got the gearbox assembled yesterday, found that the lay gear very
slightly knocked against 1st gear teeth in neutral when standing it on
the rear face so took it all apart again, reduced the width of the lay
gear teeth by about 1mm and reassembled. Even got to the stage of
lockwiring the shift fork screws and then discovered that the wider
straight cut lay gear 3rd prevents the 3rd gear engagement collar
moving fully into position. So it has to come apart again today...
This is a used set of gears in the same case they came out of so lord
knows how the previous owner made them work. 3rd lay gear is about 2mm
wider than the corresponding mainshaft gear on that side so if I can't
find any other way around this it will be getting strategic weight
reduction operations performed.

Anyone else had issues with straight cut gears being considerably
wider than the stock helical ones and clashing with other parts?


On 6/9/17, Larry Varley <varley at cosmos.net.au> wrote:
> Hi Andy, well you have probably raised the most interesting question
> posted on this list for a long time. I'm well aware of the modification
> Austin used on the BJ8 gearbox and have even modified earlier gearbox
> parts to the BJ8 pattern,Yes the concept is to prevent the synco from
> the gear you are changing from carrying the load to the gear you are
> changing to which is a design fault in the earlier gearboxes. The pins
> are supposed to prevent the hub from pressing it backwards, but I have
> never checked if they actually do their job. You obviously have an
> inquiring mind, well done. lets see who can add to the discussion.
> Regards
> Larry Varley
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