[Healeys] BJ7 Parcel Shelf Mystery

Burt Weiner bighealey63 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 8 13:48:47 MDT 2017

I decided to fix my BJ7 parcel shelf that has been out of the car, well
forever.  The bottom of the wood frame is rotted out and the hinges are
missing.  I have the chrome retaining bars that fit into the rubber
holders.  I plan to fabricate a new plywood frame.

When I stripped off the vinyl cover, I found another one under it!  Both
look "factory original" but the inner one has the holes for the tonneau
cover snaps, the outer one does not.  Was this a slap dash repair by the
factory or by a dealer or a PO?  Anyone ever see something like this
before?  I think I can get the hinges at SC Parts.  Do the hinges attach on
the front facing part of the parcel shelf - otherwise how does it fold
down?  If anyone has a pic of their parcel shelf "up" and "down", I'd
greatly appreciate it.


bighealey63 at gmail.com


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