[Healeys] Smoke and brakes

Oudesluys coudesluijs at chello.nl
Thu Jun 8 10:24:10 MDT 2017

Must be a short in the circuitry of the brake lights: wiring/brake light 
switch? The noise could have been the sparking. May be a wire not 
protected by a grommet through the bulkhead.

Kees Oudesluijs

Op 8-6-2017 om 17:30 schreef Simon Lachlan:
> I have received 2 emails from my nephew.
> He has an early Phase 2 BJ8 ie with the single light setup front and 
> rear and the 8-way flasher relay box. Car is LHDrive.
> The car’s wiring loom looks to be new and in excellent condition; it 
> looks like it has been competently installed with all clips and 
> grommets where one would hope to find them. The individual wires are 
> emphatically not old & crumbly ie flakey insulation.
> The car starts and runs well. It feels strong and is well behaved ie 
> it coped with appalling traffic on a very hot day when we drove it out 
> to Chantilly. It started first time when the engine was hot. In fact, 
> the engine didn’t get hot; I reckon it has a recored(?) radiator. 
> Certainly it has the 6-blade fan offered, I think, by the factory 
> (like a 6 blade version of the normal 4. Something we don’t usually 
> see or need in the UK).
> First email:- “It was very hot today and something weird happened: a 
> bit of smoke came out from just above my knees (just below the 
> dashboard along the steering wheel pole). the smoke was white and 
> little (about as much as a match would make when it goes off, but 
> white). Then a funny noise went on for 5 seconds (like a motor, a bit 
> like the starter motor we can hear at the end when the engine doesn't 
> want to start (do you see what I mean?).
> Anyway after that incident everything went back to normal:
> -all the lights (turning indicators, panel lights, all the 
> instruments...) seem to work.
> I have no idea what happened and I have not found anything not working!”
> A few days later, the second email:- “Everything electrically seems to 
> work. Except that when I push on the brake pedal nothing lights up at 
> the back. Shouldn't it?”
> This is the Paris car, my being back in the UK with the previous 
> issues cured.
> Now:-
> I am presuming that the two issues are related….the smoke and the lack 
> of brake lights.
> I am discounting the heat reference.
> I am puzzled by there being no brakes related wiring under the dash 
> yet that’s where the smoke came from.
> The “funny noise” has me stumped.
> The only place where braking circuitry and lighting circuitry meets is 
> in the 8-way flasher box. (Barring bare wires shorting out).
> I am going over to Paris in about a month’s time in order to help get 
> the car down to Roscoff and thence by ferry over to Plymouth in the UK 
> and up to my house. I will then have it for a few weeks and will do 
> various things to it……seatbelts being item one.
> So, I (we) would like to make the longish journey _with_ brake lights 
> and _without_ smoke.
> I have, I think, all the tools I need in Paris but I would welcome 
> ideas……..
> Has anyone had this happen to their car?
> What is the likely connection between the two seemingly 
> irreconcilables. (Smoke under the dash yet brake lights only are 
> affected).
> Can anything to do with the brake light switch lead to smoke under the 
> dash? I can’t see how, myself.
> I just want to be slightly prepared when I get there. I won’t have 
> much time…..certainly not enough to get replacement parts over to 
> Paris from the UK.
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks,
> Simon
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