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Stephen Hutchings s.hutchings at rogers.com
Wed Jun 7 14:39:24 MDT 2017

I'll have more time to go over this tonight...wire by wire.The problem I posted on Sunday, was that after spending some time adjusting the static timing (had the distributor out) I couldn't start the car, and seemed to have no spark at the plugs.I went to some trouble setting up the distributor in the orientation that seems to be the most common, with the wires in the cap to match. There is spark at the points, and a healthy spark from the coil right out to the carbon brush.After I put it all back together again, it wouldn't start. I was running out of time, but I checked two wires- no spark at 6, but a spark at 3. I'll get back to this tonight, but when I try to start the car, I would swear that I had the timing out by 180 degrees...only I've checked and re-checked that the valves of number 6 are just closing and opening when I have the timing marks lined up, and the rotor is at number one...and there's no loud bang that you usually get when it's 180 out.
The obvious culprit now is the cap, but it's odd to have absolutely no sign of firing at all when I attempt to start the car, I mean to go from working fine to absolute failure.
Wish me luck.Stephen, BJ8
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