[Healeys] Distributor cap wiring

Stephen Hutchings s.hutchings at rogers.com
Thu Jun 1 10:26:43 MDT 2017

Thanks to you all for your replies.At the heart of this is that it doesn't really matter if the cap has been rotated, as long as you have number one at TDC and the firing order is right. I just wanted to go back to the original position, and I wanted to know what point on the cap was originally selected to be number one.I examined a number of photos and came up with the drawing I attached to my earlier email- number one and five were either side of the coil port. Simon says he believes this is right (sorry Simon, I couldn't open your attachment)but Chris's photo has number one two more positions further around the clockwise rotation.
The thing that restricts choosing certain positions of the cap, is the vacuum advance, which will bump into either the engine or the vacuum advance.
Anyway, both of these suggestions will work, but I'm still not sure what the original set up was.
Stephen, BJ8
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