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Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Mon Feb 27 11:56:56 MST 2017


I have some used and new/leftover parts from a recent rebuild of my 
BJ8's engine.  The used parts might be suitable for a 'budget build,' 
and I'm offering them free (you pick up shipping).  The new parts are 
offered at a significant discount to retail (again, you pick up 
shipping).  They include:


  * Pistons (6) - These are 0.030" oversize, and are in remarkable shape
    (see attached photos of one that has been cleaned-up and one in
    'original' condition, as are the 5 others).  The wrist pins are
    perfect, but the ring lands might require a small shim.  These
    performed well in my car until removed.   Note only one was
    cleaned-up, but I see no evidence of damage on the other 5.
  * Valves (intake and exhaust) - The exhaust valves are stellite SS,
    and show no wear on the shaft--nor do the intake valves--which might
    require a slight polish only.  The faces are fine, but with expected
    'carbon' buildup.  I have no idea if valves can or should be reused,
    but if they can these are perfect candidates (some of the seats had
    receded, but the valves showed minimal if any wear--I can't really
  * Full set of springs (double type) - These might have lost some
    'spring,' and were shimmed to beef them up (shims available).  I
    tested the head on the bench, and all cylinders retained fluid
    except one, so it appears the springs were exerting sufficient pressure.
  * Bronze/silicon valve guides - These show no apparent wear and appear
    to be better quality than the new set I replaced them with.  In over
    100K miles I never had an issue with binding ('top hat' style seals
  * Valve collars (Moss# 031-228) - These show some wear, probably due
    to the springs rotating, but appear serviceable.


  * Main and con rod bearings (0.010" under) - I bought these a while
    ago expecting my crankshaft would need to be ground under, but it's
    still STD after almost 200K miles.  These are high quality ACL
    'Duraglide' brand from Australia.  $50
  * Moss Healey engine metallic green paint - Two cans at $10/ea
    (retail: $20.99).  I'm only selling these because I already have a
    couple cans and this stuff degrades if not used within a year or two
    (BTW, my engine builder thought this paint was excellent, and wished
    he could find similar quality for the SBC, Hemi and other builds he
  * Intake/exhaust manifold brass nuts (10) - These retail for $5/ea. 
    My engine builder reused the old ones before I could get these to
    him (he thought the used ones were fine).  I've been told the ones
    Moss is currently offering are not exactly correct (FWIW).  $25 for
    all 10.

Usually, I'd chuck the used stuff, but thought I'd check and see if 
someone can make use of them.  I'd keep the new stuff--'just in 
case'--but this is the last rebuild this engine will receive (from me, 
at least).



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