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Fred Wescoe fredwescoe at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 16:42:28 MST 2017

While the subject of overdrives is being discussed, I have come across
ongoing problems with the overdrive of my 66BJ8.

The overdrive is filled with 30 WT non-detergent oil and after running the
engine, for about an hour, with all 4 corners on jack stands, the trans oil
level is spot on the line between "low" and "high".

Now for the problems;

1.  The overdrive does not disengage when turned off.  The hole in the
lever on the right side of the trans lines up with the hole in the case
when the OD is activated.

2.  When I turn the solenoid power off, the solenoid lever does not fall
from the engaged position.  I suspect the lever may be pushed against the
trans case and the friction does not allow the lever to drop down.  When I
move the lever by hand, it is not loose, it requires some pressure to get
it to move.  The solenoid does not have a problem lifting the lever when I
apply power.

3.  I cannot get a wrench to fit the pinch bolt to release the lever from
the valve operating shaft.  What size nut/bolt "should the pinch bolt be?

3.  The solenoid does not release when the dash or ignition switch is
turned off, (checked with a volt meter).  What could still be sending power
to the solenoid?  What electrical part should I check first and how?

I have been struggling with trying to resolve this OD problem on and off
during the winter and as the weather is now getting nice, I would like to
get this resolved.



63 BJ7 deceased

66 BJ8
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