[Healeys] AH Club USA - membership renewal. Help?

Bluehealey bluehealey at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 03:10:21 MST 2017


This is a shout out to report a problem with the Austin Healey Club USA
(Healey.org) website. I'm trying to renew my membership and the site isn't
accepting my username/password. I know they are correct as they are written
down in my secrets stash and also cached in my Chrome browser.

On trying to exercise the 'forgotten password' link, that also fails as the
'Captcha' applet appears to be broken too.


Any suggestions what the quick and dirty might be to get membership renewed
as it expired 3 days ago (according to my Outlook calendar) and I don't want
to miss my magazine fix?

Cheers all.



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