[Healeys] Rear axle ratios

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I have a 3/91 set to sell if anyone is interested.  Jim Wojcik



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I have std. 4.1 in my 100M--it definitely gets off the line well--and I put
a Lempert gearset in my BJ8.  The M isn't comfortable to drive much over
70MPH, and I generally observe the 4K RPM 'red line' for the 100s--crank
failures can happen above that--but it's a hoot driving the mountainous
roads around the SF Bay Area.  The BJ8 is the better touring car, but it
does take some finessing to get it off the line (surprisingly, dumping the
clutch relatively quickly but smoothly works the best, but sometimes I have
to slip the clutch more than I like).

I think a 3.9 might work well for an 'all-around' car, since the taller OD
helps for cruising, but if you're looking at mostly highway miles the 3.54
would be the way to go.  I remember Gary Anderson (I think) once saying a
3.54 with the 28% OD might be the best arrangement of all, but you'll lose
some quickness.



On 2/21/2017 6:33 AM, goldengt wrote:

Depends on where you live.  Standard gears is a perfect compromise for me in

Ken Freese 




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I agree, the 3.54 ratio is the way to go.  I'm bringing my rear end down to
Pro-Gear in San Diego tomorrow to have my Lempert set installed.  I also
have an original set that I picked up in Australia from Robby Roland at the
Healey Factory 20 years ago.



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I switched my 4.11 to 3.54 and was very pleased. 

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Chris Scholz OD

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I'm restoring a 100-4 and have several rear axle ratios: what is the best
one for street driving? What was standard? Yes, it's got OD. 







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