[Healeys] Rear axle ratios

Mon Feb 20 18:30:46 MST 2017

The original final drive ratio for the BN1 was 4.125:1. This was using the spiral bevel rear end. BN2 through BJ8 used the hypoid rear axle and the standard final drive ratio through the BJ7 was 4.11:1.

There were several different ratios available for the spiral bevel set, but I'm not sure what they were. The hypoid set was available in 3.909:1 for early non-overdrive and late (BJ8) overdrive cars and in 3.54:1 for late non-overdrive cars.

The 2660 has plenty of power to pull a higher ratio on the highway and since I am using  a hypoid final drive in my car I have opted for the 3.54:1 ratio as supplied by Mike Lempert. It is very pleasant in town or on the road.

Bill Lawrence

BN1 #554

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I switched my 4.11 to 3.54 and was very pleased.

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Chris Scholz OD

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I'm restoring a 100-4 and have several rear axle ratios: what is the best one for street driving? What was standard? Yes, it's got OD.


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