[Healeys] Front tube shock replacements

Oudesluys coudesluijs at chello.nl
Mon Feb 20 14:58:34 MST 2017

Koni's can be rebuild by a Koni specialist. There are type numbers 
engraved at the bottom of the Koni's, like e.g. 80-2155. They may still 
being produced.
Using gas shockabsorbers will raise the car a bit.
Kees Oudesluijs

Op 20-2-2017 om 21:00 schreef Wayne:
> Hello,
>             I am going to be helping a friend soon who has a BJ8 with 
> the Koni front shock conversion. Both of his front shocks are leaking 
> badly. Does anyone have a modern replacement part number? I think an 
> adjustable  gas shock would be the way to go. I can measure the full 
> extended and retracted dimensions of the Koni shock and go from there, 
> but I don't want to reinvent the wheel if someone already had part 
> numbers to start with. Gabriel, Monroe, etc.
> Thanks
> Wayne
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