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Sat Feb 18 13:49:36 MST 2017

 If my memory serves – the issue with splitting the brake calipers is that the rubber seal between the two halves around the brake fluid passageway is SQUARE in cross-section, rather than round. Therefore you must have exactly the right replacement seal -- I know from experience during the very last stage of my restoration.

Fortunately I was running silicone rather than standard petroleum-based brake fluid and had installed a new e-brake cable before I took the car out for its first test run, so when the bad seal burst upon the first hard application of the brakes and sprayed fluid all over the fender while leaving me without brakes, I was able to bring the car to a stop with the e-brake, get home safely and wipe the fluid off the fender with no damage.

So, do not split the calipers until you have the correct replacement seals in hand, and then do it very carefully. And seriously consider using silicone fluid in any high-quality restoration.



Gary Anderson

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