[Healeys] Smith Gauges - Sceliphrons Love Them!

Corning, Dan (D.C.) dcorning at ford.com
Sat Feb 18 13:22:45 MST 2017

I wanted to clean my speedometer before installing it in the dash.  Removing the bezel and glass, I carefully wiped the face of the gauge and noticed the needle was stuck.  Thinking I'll have to send it somewhere and get it fixed anyway, I decided to disassemble it the rest of the way to look inside.  I wasn't expecting to find what I saw!

Mud daubers had found a cozy home inside the housing while in storage on my garage shelf.  I carefully removed the all the hardened mud bit by bit, freed the needle and amazingly, it works (using a drill on the speedo cable).  I took the photo after cleaning the speedo but before working on the tachometer.  If they both work properly in the car I'll be Smiths biggest fan!


Dan Corning
(615) 579-1032
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