[Healeys] Adding Switches to a BT7

Simon Lachlan simon.lachlan at homecall.co.uk
Sat Feb 4 05:16:26 MST 2017

Thinking about this some more, I recall some cars that had indicator sticks on the steering wheel. They came apart and clamped on between the dash and the wheel. Maybe old Landrovers, Morris Minors, early Minis…cars like that.



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Hey Y'all,

About ready to install and wire the dash on the BT7 and looking for ideas on how to add a couple switches without cutting any holes in the dash.

I'll be installing a DW safety steering column which has no stator tube so I need  homes for the indicators and the horn.  Thinking a two position switch and a momentary switch.

Thanks and Cheers,

Mike Tobin

Townsend, Montana

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