[Healeys] 100 Windshield Assembly

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Moss sells two grades of windshield glass; one Triplex and the other one is quite a bit less expensive. The less expensive one is also not as thick, or at least that was the case about four years ago. If you bought that one, it could be the reason you are having trouble finding the right glazing strip. If you use the thinner glass and have the bonnet up, it might lift the metal trim piece off of the windshield while driving at speed. I mentioned this to Moss when I returned the thinner glass to them. I just checked their website and they still don’t mention the thickness issue.


John Spaur



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It is pretty straight forward Michael however I have had difficulty finding the correct thickness of Everseal glazing strip.

The other trick is to ensure that you replace the series of little wooden blocks top and bottom  between the seal and the frame  because if you omit them the top bow will never meet the frame in the center. 

Don't ask me how I know :-)


Michael S


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I now have my windscreen pieces re-chromed, a new Triplex piece of glass and the rubber glazing.  Is there any tutorial on how to put the windscreen together correctly, video or otherwise?

Mike MacLean

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