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I installed a switch for reverse lights on my '67 BJ8 as you have described using a larger momentary switch that spanned the distance to the actuation block. Unfortunately the switch I used is from a B727 lower cargo door lock mechanism. I don't know of a source for such a switch, I'm retired from the aviation industry. I suggest you look for any momentary plunger pushbutton switch that would span the distance in order to work. I too considered using an overdrive switch but saw that it was too short to reach the actuation block. The switch I used has a longer plunger and threaded neck. I hope this helps and it can be done. 

'67 BJ8

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Subject: [Healeys] reverse light switch

Anyone run across a center shift gearbox top cover fitted with a reverse 
light switch, opposite the overdrive 3-4 switch?

See the attached image.  The gear lever socket has the second flat to 
engage a reverse lamp switch, but there are a couple of issues.  The top 
cover flange doesn't have the boss for the switch (you can see the boss 
on the OD switch between the fiber washer and the flange, and on the 
inside), so it's thinner.   The flange is also farther away from the 
gear lever socket. Compare the two flanges to the two screws that hold 
the gear shift lever in place.

So I'd have to build up the inside of the flange and machine the outside 
of the flange to move the switch far enough inboard.

Just thinking out loud.


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