[Healeys] BN1/2 carburettor Service Parts List.

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Sat Dec 23 13:09:59 MST 2017

I can restore the carburetters for you. Just send them to me.
Or have a look to
Josef Eckert
Betreff: [Healeys] BN1/2 carburettor Service Parts List.
Datum: 2017-12-23T20:56:02+0100
Von: "Michael Salter" <michaelsalter at gmail.com>
An: "healeys at autox.team.net" <Healeys at autox.team.net>
The carburettors on the BN1 that I'm currently restoring have been messed 
with and I'm having difficulty determining which parts I will require to 
set things right.
I have a copy of the SU Service Parts List #AKD5055 but unfortunately it 
includes everything except BMC vehicles.
Does anyone have a copy of the SU Service Parts List which includes BMC 
vehicles and in particular the BN1?
Many thanks.

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