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Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Mon Dec 18 20:22:01 MST 2017

My BJ8, which was all but original stock when I bought it, only had a 
couple U-shaped pieces of vinyl glued to the bottoms to cover the 
holes.  Mine fell off long ago, and I keep meaning to cut some more 
pieces and glue them in, but duct tape works pretty good to at least 
cover the holes until I get a round tuit.

Would have been pretty funny if BMC made an effort to prevent corrosion 
on the seats, when they didn't make an effort anywhere else (well, 
except for some drainage holes drilled in a few places).


On 12/18/2017 5:56 PM, ROBERT BAGGS wrote:
> I have a question about my Healey rear seats.  The rear seats are 
> individually mounted into the rear bench.  I am about to reupholster 
> them and reinstall them into the bench.
> I noticed that the seats are bare metal on the outside bottom and 
> completely exposed to the elements while sitting above the rear axle 
> and wheels.  Was (Is) there a plate that blocks the water/dirt, etc.,  
> from hitting the seat bottoms and corroding the seat bottoms?  I don't 
> see anything like this in the Moss catalog.
> Has anyone constructed a panel that would block the elements, keep the 
> seat bottoms dry and not allow water or dirt get into the vinyl 
> overlap folds around the perimeter of the underside of each seat?
> Thanks for ideas/input.

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