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Did you cut holes in the bottom of the seat foam to soften it.  You don't want to sit to high in the seat.  The original Dunnlo Pillow seat foam was very soft and let you sink into the seat.  When I had the Bugeye seats done the upholsterer used a closed cell foam.  When I sat in the seat for the first time, my nose was even with the top of the windshield.  I replaced the seat bottom foam with a less dense foam rubber and got down to where I should have been.  See Norman Nock's Tech Talk book on how to do this.Mike MacLean

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 After 43 years of working on my Healey, I have finally arranged to have my seats recovered. I striped them down to metal, had the fulcrum point raised so I can tilt back my seat back. drilled a lower hole in the seat back too, so I can change the angle. New Seat covers, foam and wood ready to go. Dropping off at upholsterer on Thursday. 
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