[Healeys] Hats - Baseball Caps/Sun Damage

glemon at neb.rr.com glemon at neb.rr.com
Wed Dec 13 19:16:55 MST 2017

Not really a hat guy, but you acumulate baseball caps anyway through prizes, promotions, etc.  Tried them in various roadsters, they would tend to flip off at speed no matter how tight unless I flipped them backwards.  Leading me to forget they were on backwards and wearing them out of the car looking like some sad refugee from a past era, overage gansta wannabe. But anyhow...

When I was young and indestructible (or stupid, depending on perspective) we would tour top down all day. Leaving the top down was a badge of honor.  My first trip to Elkhart Lake for the vintage races at Road America, over 600 miles one way in July.  We slathered my face and neck with sunscreen, forget my ears, they are roughly the consistency of well cooked bacon the next day.  There were several more follow up trips where the top stayed down, but lesson learned about the ears.

I drive around top down these days in town, but pop the top up and roll down the windows for long tours.  Two of the four of us on those young drives have developed serious skin cancer (no doubt from a lot more youthful exuberance and fun in the sun than just the summer tours, outdoor jobs, sports, etc.).  I have had lots of  "slow growth" stuff removed.  

Hats or no hats, sunscreen is your friend.

Greg Lemon
TR4A (elkhart and back 3 times)
BN1 (twice)
TR250 (once, top up most of the way)

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