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Larry Wendland bighealey3k at aim.com
Fri Dec 8 18:29:30 MST 2017

How about a "Crocodile" Dundee hat like Paul Hogan wore in the Crocodile Dundee movies. With that hat I don't think the chin strap will show that much. And if it does you will look like an action kind of guy that needs the strap to keep your hat on. LOL

'67 BJ8

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I would like to gather together some opinions or choices of what headwear people use while driving their Austin-Healeys.
In my 45 years of Austin-Healey ownership I have never been a hat person. However I do like Panama hats, but they would blow away in five minutes and end up in Columbia. I sometimes wear one with the Healey Duncan but that’s a different kettle of fish.
Personally I don’t like baseball style caps as they don’t keep the sun off the ears or the back of the head. A floppy hat with a string under the chin is borderline dorky.
So just what do people wear to protect you from the sun and stop your skins looking like a cooked lobster?
Hoo Roo
Patrick Quinn
Blue Mountains, Australia

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