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Sometimes a floppy hat which a long back skirt designed for rafting. Sometimes a cap with a detachable skirt designed for fly fishing. Both come with a string for under the chin. Depending on the trip length, the cap is mostly used without the skirt.Ken Freese
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-->G’day I would like to gather together some opinions or choices of what headwear people use while driving their Austin-Healeys. In my 45 years of Austin-Healey ownership I have never been a hat person. However I do like Panama hats, but they would blow away in five minutes and end up in Columbia. I sometimes wear one with the Healey Duncan but that’s a different kettle of fish. Personally I don’t like baseball style caps as they don’t keep the sun off the ears or the back of the head. A floppy hat with a string under the chin is borderline dorky. So just what do people wear to protect you from the sun and stop your skins looking like a cooked lobster? Hoo Roo Patrick QuinnBlue Mountains, Australia  
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