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I suppose it depends on what part of the repair you are covering over.  If
you're filling in a repaired dent, you want to work the metal up to as
close as original and put a light coat of filler in to smooth out the
dented area.  Generally, though, the skim coat consists of the minimum
amount of filler you can spread over an area to be able to block sand it to
remove any waves or ripples.  If you're trying to do a show quality job,
after the repaired dented areas have been filled and sanded, it is common
practice to skim the entire repaired panel with a thin coat of a good
filler, like Evercoat Ultra, then spray primer or primer surfacer over the
panel.  A guide coat of a contrasting color, usually some cheap black paint
is lightly painted over the primer coat.  Then, the primer is sanded in a
criss-cross pattern until the black is entirely removed.  This usually
involves additional coats of primer being applied and sanded with
increasingly finer grades of sandpaper.  The short answer is to use as thin
a skim coat that you can that will allow you to achieve a smmoth surface.

Rick Neville

On Mon, Dec 4, 2017 at 8:20 PM, goldengt <goldengt at cal.net> wrote:

> When a goodness criteria for a paint job prep is just a skim of filler,
> how thick is that really?  1/16 or 1/32 or what?
> Ken Freese
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