[Healeys] Pitted chrome.

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I've used Wenol (blue) polish with cotton balls, followed by a good paste wax.

Mal Hickok
1967 BJ8

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The Paris BJ8 was over in Devon, UK, for my daughter’s wedding. Our damp weather showed up one issue:-
I think that a PO fitted cheap and cheerful chrome back in the days when the new bumpers looked good for a couple of years then dissolved. His bumpers look great most of the time....shiny and just right. BUT, given a bit of damp, some areas come up with a smear of rusty brown. A big enough smear to be noticeable and to jar somewhat with the otherwise fairly pristine appearance of his car. Close inspection reveals areas of minute pitting which give off rust.
We’ll wait until the car’s back in the UK before fitting decent new bumpers. Mainly because we’ll be doing the “top cowl” of the grille at the same time and that’s a job and a half!!
So, until then, what can he do to keep the rust/pitting under control? Maybe some proprietary snake oil which will stop the oxidization and seal the pitting. And another bottle of magic something or other to keep the water off the snake oil....not paint surely, but some sort of wax....?
 Any ideas? Thanks,

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