[Healeys] Healey BN1 Head gasket

Wayne Schultz waschu2 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 29 10:46:53 MDT 2017


           My friend Bob had a problem with his Early BN1. The engine was
rebuilt 2K miles ago or so and after several trips at speed on the highway
cylinders 2 and 3 lost compression. The picture explains what we found when
we pulled the head. The head has a 4 thousandth warp between cylinders 2
and 3 and a 2 thousandth warp between cylinders 1 and 2. The engine was
rebuilt by the previous owner so we don't know what was done , but the head
looks like it was milled before. Bob  had planed on installing a aluminum
head soon anyway so not a big deal. I thought people would like the
picture.  We are installing a Denis Welsh head with new hardware and their
steel head gasket.

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