[Healeys] tap for temp gauge sensor bulb

Mirek Sharp m.g.sharp at sympatico.ca
Sun Aug 27 19:22:34 MDT 2017

Does anyone know the thread size for the nut that secures the temperature gauge senor bulb into the head?  It  must be a BSPT thread.  My 1/4" BSPT tap is just too small, so I am thinking it is 3/8" BSPT.  Can anyone confirm this?  The threads are sound, but the nut goes from finger tight to very tight fast, so I am thinking the threads are choked up just past the point where the nut sat for years of uninterrupted service. I just want to get a tap in there to clean them out a bit.

Thanks, Mirek
'59 BT7

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I'll be installing new rotors and pads on my BJ8's front disks, and I have the kind of question only a really anal-retentive person would ask: 
Do the bolts that affix the hub to the rotor go in bolt head outside, or inside; i.e. with the bolt head, or nut, against the hub flange?  It seems like the bolt head should be outside, but when I bought the car the nuts were on the outside.


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