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Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Sun Aug 27 12:52:40 MDT 2017

"DB" = DataBase.  The web server needs to connect to a database 
server--can be on same machine or another, located anywhere--in order to 
retrieve raw data (text, images, etc.).  The web server needs to 'log 
on'--i.e. connect--to the DB server, just like you have to log on to 
your email server.  The DB server is actually a separate application 
(computer program), so the DB server can be down but the web server 
still functioning; hence the returned error message.  Usually, the DB 
server has died for some reason, and needs to be restarted either 
automatically or by meat sack intervention.

FWIW, I was just able to connect to ahexp.com; keeping in mind our List 
responses are usually delayed quite a bit.


On 8/27/2017 8:43 AM, BJ8Healeys wrote:
> Mike, I can confirm that I have been unable to get on ahexp this 
> morning.  I get "DB error: connect failed".  It would be nice to know 
> what DB means, and why the connect failed -- is it ahexp, or me (now I 
> know!)?
> Steve Byers
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> BJ8 Registry
> AHCA Delegate at Large
> Havelock, NC
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> ahexp.com <http://ahexp.com> seems to be off line....
> can anyone confirm?
> M

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