[Healeys] More on alternator conversion

Stephen Hutchings s.hutchings at rogers.com
Sat Aug 26 10:16:05 MDT 2017

I'm using the AH Spares kit to convert to alternator. The instructions say to connect the new Lucar connectors to the brown and yellow and the brown and green wires which were connected to the generator.
The thing is, they say to connect the large connector to the brown and green wire (which was on a small connector, and is a smaller gauge of wire), and the brown and yellow to the small connector (previously having a larger connector and a larger gauge of wire).Now, because I'm going to negative ground, is the load on the wires to the alternator reversed as well- hence the swapping of connector sizes.Hope this is clear- it just feels strange putting the big connector on the small wire, and vice versa.
ThanksStephen, BJ8
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