[Healeys] Splined hub bearings

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It is so long since I replaced those I can’t recall how I did it, but I have more recently installed interference fit bearings in a number of old motorbike engine cases.  I simply put the bearing in the freezer for an hour or two and warm the cases, preferably in the oven, but you can do it gently with a propane torch.  The bearing (or outer race in your case) will drop right in.  Get it seated quickly though, as the temperatures equalize quickly.   For some applications I have also had a local machinist reduce the diameter of an old bearing slightly to use to tap home tight bearings.  I prefer the heating/cooling as it takes any hammering out of the operation.  Getting the inside of the hub and  the outside of the bearing scrupulously clean goes without question.




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Is the a specific bearing seating set, size I can buy to seat the outer races of the tapered bearings in the splined hub?  Maybe a cheap alternative like aluminum tubing.  All parts are new and this will be the first time I assemble spline hub assemblies.

Mike MacLean


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