[Healeys] SU HD carb

Peter & Veronica greylinn at ozemail.com.au
Fri Aug 25 18:18:47 MDT 2017

G'day all

Anyone familiar with SU HD carbs? I'm using a HD6 (one of a spare pair form my Daimler 2.5 litre V8) on my Shorrock supercharged MG TC motor. I have put a new kit, including jet/diaphragm in it. I now have the motor running, but I have fuel dripping out of the carb choke when it's not running. The float level is OK and the needle valve is operating. I'm familiar with H type carbs, but not these. Any ideas?

Peter Linn
Brisbane Oz
BN1 Holden V6
MG TC Shorrock blown
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