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This would depend on how old your ignition coil is. All new coils are made for Negative ground systems. So if you have a new coil it should be connected with the white feed wire to to the positive side of the coil and the white black wire to the distributor. This would be the same no matter if your car is positive or negative ground. 

The coils have two windings and they will induce from the primary to the secondary windings when the points open and creating the high voltage spark. If you connect a new coil up backwards it will still work but the energy will be considerable reduced. 

So no matter what the polarity is on your car the coil should be connected as if the car was negative ground if you have a coil made anywhere in the last 30 years.

David Nock
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Subject: [Healeys] Coil polarity

I'm about to switch to an alternator and change the car to negative ground.
The instructions I have go through the reversal of polarity for the battery, fuel pump and tachometer, but they don't mention the coil leads. Surely they would be swapped over as well?

Stephen, BJ8

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