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Many thanks to everyone who responded to my requests on Ivy Maud Healey and the St Michael’s stain glass window.


Ivy Maud Healey, the wife of Donald Mitchell Healey died on March 25th 1980. Thanks to Ross Osborne for this information in the form of a photo of Donald and Ivy’s grave.


Hoo Roo


Patrick Quinn

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I found this, not sure if it's the correct Ivy

http://announcements.johnstonpress.co.uk/obituaries/banburyguardian-uk/obituary.aspx?page=lifestory <http://announcements.johnstonpress.co.uk/obituaries/banburyguardian-uk/obituary.aspx?page=lifestory&pid=183720881> &pid=183720881

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Does anyone know when Ivy Healey died?




Patrick Quinn

Blue Mountains, Australia

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