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We are indeed fortunate in Australia as shock absorber oil is available from


Have a look at:-




Hoo Roo


Patrick Quinn

Blue Mountains, Australia


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This is what the manual recommends:


"The use of Armstrong Super (thin) Shock Absorber Oil is recommended. When
this is not available any good quality mineral oil to specification SAE
20/20W is acceptable. This alternative oil is not suitable for low
temperature operation."







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Motor oils and hydraulic oils have different "scales".  SAE(scale)20W flows
like ISO(scale) AW68    Actually closer to 25W   AW68 is designed as an
hydraulic oil, and would be preferred to motor oil. Certainly SAE20 can be
used.  A better choice would be the AW68..... available at farm/tractor type
stores  eg. Tractor Supply.   

You should only add oil to a shock if it shows signs of leaking. Be careful
that you do not fill it absolutely full.... there needs to be an air space
for expansion. Armstrong designed the filler plugs and locations to make it
difficult to overfill, but people have found ways.

Peter C


On 8/15/2017 9:44 AM, Fred Wescoe wrote:

The shocks on my 66 BJ8 need oil.  What type should I use? 





66 BJ8

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