[Healeys] AH 100-6 Windshield Brackets

Ron Mitchell healeyron at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 16 14:22:55 MDT 2017

Does anyone know a source for Austin Healey 6 CYl Roadster Windshield Brackets that are correct.  I have three sets of Moss Brackets, part# 805-060 That don't properly align the windshield frame. When installing the new brackets there is a .010 inch gap in in the lower right corner and a .030 gap in the upper left corner.  This is the Windshielf frame for my 100-6.  When I replaced the windshield on my MkII BN7 I had to remanufacture the lower RH Bracket to close the gap.  I would prefer not to have to remanufacture 4 brackets on my 100-6.  The old bracket were rusted beyond being usefull.
TIARon Mitchell000-6 BN-6

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