[Healeys] Carb Adjustment Help Requested - BJ8 MkIII

Engl engl at accesscomm.ca
Sun Aug 13 18:53:27 MDT 2017


Compression was good (actually really good!). 

I think I tried static timing at 5 degrees if I remember correctly. Dismal failure in my first try at static timing. Dynamic at 15 degrees at a bit above 750 with a strobe worked much better. 

I think these are the numbers I used ... not at home at the moment so I'll double check later. 

Bob England

> On Aug 13, 2017, at 5:20 PM, David Porter <frogeye at porterscustom.com> wrote:
> what are the compression numbers? Timing is set at 750RPM and 6 degrees BTDC. Is it better or worse with chokes engaged? DP
>> On 8/13/2017 3:23 PM, Bob England wrote:
>> I've had a rough idle in the car since we picked it up in May and it seems
>> to have gotten worse ever so slightly since then.
>> I've putzed around trying the easy stuff and finally got the bullet and
>> pulled the carbs yesterday (that was fun!) as one of the carb pistons was
>> sticking ever so slightly.  Stripped the carbs except for the throttle shaft
>> and found the floats were set a bit low.  Put it all back together and still
>> having an issue as she is running quite rich, hence the call for help.
>> Car: late '64 build BJ8 MkIII
>> Carbs : HD8 (I think they were new about 15 years ago - not original to
>> car).
>> Cam : Dennis Welch DWR-1 (installed about 15 years ago).
>> Distributor : stock with Petronix Ignitor (Petronix installed last weekend
>> in the hopes it would help).  New rotor.
>> Coil : Lucas Sportcoil
>> Plugs : new Autolite gapped at 25 (installed a couple of weekends ago)
>> Timing : 15 degrees with strobe (my attempt at static timing was a dismal
>> failure!).
>> I set the carbs as per the manual - 3.5 turns open on the idle trim screws
>> and 2.5 turn rich on the jet adjusting screw.  Fast idle adjusting screw
>> completely off of the cam lobe.
>> The best I can get it is with the jets totally lean (i.e. not sitting on the
>> cam lobe) and the fast idle screws setting the idle speed.  Idle trim screws
>> backed way out with little impact on idle.  Carbs are still running rich.
>> I think I have memorized the adjustment procedure from the manuals I read
>> them so many time - (Bentley, BMC, and Haynes), and Norman Nock's wonderful
>> collection of papers.
>> Should I be going to a leaner needle in the carbs?  Or am I just screwing up
>> somewhere?  This is my first attempt at adjusting SU's and I'm not too happy
>> with what I have done so far.
>> Any and all suggestions appreciated (except maybe if I have to yank the
>> carbs again).
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Bob England
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