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Randy, does that mean that this web site contains complete baloney?


If the batch numbers are in ascending order then batch 4467 contains cars that are far higher in body number than my November 54 car from batch 5044 with body number 5856.  It just seems odd to me that my body number is much lower than the one David asked abiout, but from a much higher batch?

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David, Body number 887, 9911, 9913, 9923, 9924 are all Jensen Batch #4467.  I would be very confident that b. #9912 is also in Batch #4467.

The number can jump around a lot but seem very consistent in this range.


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We have a BN1 that I need to stamp a new BOdy Batch tag I have the  Body number  9912. Is there anyone out there with a late BN1 production date Late July 55 that  may have a batch number so we can at least get close.

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