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Mirek Sharp m.g.sharp at sympatico.ca
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Hmm,  I was taught (as a young apprentice with British Leyland in the late 70s), to beat the daylights out of them until they are really tight.  I spin the wheel as I go so I am not hitting on the same “ear” of the knock-off.  I have done that religiously for the 43 years I have owned my BT7 and never had an issue.  When I worked in a garage that specialized in English sports cars, we used to occasionally get cars in that the owner said needed u-joints because there was a knock when braking or accelerating,  It sometimes turned out to be the wheels and a few good cracks with ‘ole Thor corrected the problem.


That said I have only seen a wire wheel come off once because the knock-off unscrewed.  It was a TR3 that an uninformed tow truck driver had picked up from the back and towed “backwards”.  Knock-offs undid themselves.  I still think that it would not have happened if  they were good and tight.




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Try it with the car raised from ground, much easier that way. Btw. I also only tighten them by hand and one or two blows with a rubber mallet, no point in tightening them any more than that.



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9 aug. 2017 kl. 03:05 skrev Roger Grace <roggrace at telus.net>:

On my BJ8 with new MWS 72 spoke WW and hubs I find that the wheels are over tightening themselves particularly the front.

Have read the Rudge Whitworth self tightening info. but still not happy.

When I fit the wheels I tighten by hand then do a light couple of taps with my lead mallet.

After but a few miles I find that I have to really slog the spinners just to get them to move - the ol’ girl shakes all over.

It really is excessive and fear one day wont be able to get them to move at all – particularly on roadside.

What gives ?

Anyone else encountered this issue ?




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