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We have rebuilt 100s of Healey transmissions over the years and they all get the same basic parts no matter what. Why would you spend that much money and the labor to remove and install the transmission and try and save $150.00 and not replace two syncro rings. We always rebuild both the transmission and overdrive, replace all bearings, seals and syncros in the transmission. The overdrive always gets new bearings, accumulator and piston. The larger piston is a nice upgrade but it will go into overdrive very strongly, there is not slow engagment of the overdrive.

If you use the Red Line oil you MUST seal the bell housing bolts with copper washers and thread sealer. They go into the transmission and are exposed to the oil. If you use a synthetic oil it WILL leak past the threads unless sealed.  The Red Line MTL is a 75/80 wt gear oil which is the same viscosity as a 30 wt non detergent engine oil which is the recomeneded oil.

We have been using the Red Line MTL in all the British transmissions for many years Healeys, MGs, Triumphs and Jaguars. We have found that the all shift smoother. We have had a couple of MGs that were hard shifting and simply changed the fluid to the Red Line MTL and solved the problem.

I would not recommend using thou if you havent rebuilt and sealed the transmission because it WILL leak. 

David Nock
British Car Specialists

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     Through a reference from the list I am having Russ Thompson in Northridge, California rebuild my BN2 transmission.  It is a low mileage (10,000 mi. approx) transmission, but I wanted to be able to put it in and not have to take it back out again.  Good thing I took this precaution.  Russ found the overdrive stuck and would never have worked.  Today he showed me the accumulator piston.  The smaller center piston was scored from dirt or crap in the oil.  Russ replaced it with a one piece piston from a Triumph overdrive.  There was a huge spring below it.  Anyone heard of this?  He said engagement will be real positive now.  Even with the low mileage, the number 2 synchro was toast and will be replaced.  The other two were fine and will be re-used.  All the gears showed very little sign of wear.  The reverse gear had some surface rust on the teeth, but that can be blasted and it will be fine.  Getting closer to having the drive train is the car.
     I know I am going to start a discussion, but Russ recommends using 40wt motor oil for the transmission.  Anyone know what weight Redline MTL is?

Mike MacLean

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