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Another big difference is that you people drive around on tyres while we cannot find them over here. We only have tires. I think our air might be different, too. Finally, I stopped at a gas station (as apposed to a petrol station) recently that offered 87, 88, 89, 90, & 91 octane. I do not know why. FYI, our gas is actually a liquid.
Gary Hodson
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On European mainland at petrol stations when you want to check your tyre pressure you only find filling terminals showing in bars pressure. So you are helpless if you don´t know the correct tyre pressure in bar. 

I personally do not know the tyre pressure for my cars in PSI. I need to take a calculator as on this side of the pond we think different. Be aware we arre living here in a different world compared to the USA in many kind of things. Also driving here is very different to the conditions you have in the USA.
Josef Eckert

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