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On European mainland at petrol stations when you want to check your tyre 
pressure you only find filling terminals showing in bars pressure. So you 
are helpless if you don´t know the correct tyre pressure in bar.
I personally do not know the tyre pressure for my cars in PSI. I need to 
take a calculator as on this side of the pond we think different. Be aware 
we arre living here in a different world compared to the USA in many kind 
of things. Also driving here is very different to the conditions you have 
in the USA.
Josef Eckert
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It all depends on the system of measurements one uses. With the exception 
of Bob Spidell, most of us in the USA, and down under want to know PSI. 
That said, knowing the math behind it helps. Thank you Harold! BTW, I do 
not set the front and rear pressures at two bar (29 psi for those who might 
have missed that suggestion). I use 222.22 kPa (32 PSI) front and 201.39 
kPa (29 PSI) rear.


To ensure accuracy, I use a “Fluke” measurement tool which can be found at 
this URL:




John Spaur

Posted this just because I wanted to be “snarky” tonight.


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What happened to the proper stuff—psi?

John Rowe

Qld Aust


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What's all this 'bar' stuff?  That how many bars you can hit before you 
have to check your tyre pressure?
Us Yankees want to know kilopascals ;)


On 8/6/2017 7:28 AM, Oudesluys wrote:

    Just returned from the Italian/French mountain passes. Loads of fun,
    even with a fully laden Kia Rio I was repatriating, also thanks to the
    climate control on board. If you are returning during the weekend I
    strongly advise you to avoid the Toll roads and Motorways, they may be
    very crowded and slow, are expensive, very, very boring and the
    services and meals are lousy.
    Tap in "avoid motor ways and/or toll roads" on your (up to date!!!!)
    GPS or smart phone and enjoy the really excellent secondary and smaller
    roads. It will take a bit longer but is so more pleasant with nice
    places to see, many excellent small restaurants, hotels on the way,
    plenty of arm muscle exercise and the petrol is way cheaper. Just be
    aware that petrol is mainly sold along the road near the larger towns
    and at the hyper markets e.g. Intermarché, very well indicated
    beforehand often near industrial estates. Do carry a 10 litre jerrycan
    with petrol, just in case.
    Tyre pressure also depends on temperature, I had over 40ºC with tarmac
    melting. I would settle for around 2bar for this size of tyre in

    Kees Oudesluijs

    Op 6-8-2017 om 12:11 schreef Tim Ward:


        Getting the car ready for a drive to the South of France taking in
        the Route des Grandes Alpes all the way to Menton. Then back mostly
        on Motorways.


        So the drive will be a mixture of Motorways and Mountain Pass


        Question therefore is what Bar Pressure should I put in for the
        different roads.


        I have 72 spoke wheels all fitted with relatively new Vredestein
        Tyres 185/70, HR15, 89H


        As usual I look forward to the benefit of your collective wisdom


        Many thanks



        BJ8, original Metallic Golden Beige


        Tim Ward

        Warwick House

        12 Mill Road


        NN7 4BB

        Tel: 07855 388 751


        http://www.shuttermagic.co.uk/ <http://www.shuttermagic.co.uk/>



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