[Healeys] UK BN4 746YUF

healeyguy at aol.com healeyguy at aol.com
Sat Aug 5 12:34:02 MDT 2017

I sent this message out about a month ago and Peter asked where the pub was.  My niece just sent an update on this crucial investigation.  😊

“It was "the Cricketer" pub in Iwerne Courtney if you want to narrow the search.”
Peter asked:
Where was she?

On 15/07/2017 14:04, healeyguy at aol.com wrote:
> Listers
> My niece just returned from a UK trip and happened upon a very nice dark blue
> BN4, registered as 746YUF in a small town in southern England. Says she was
> visiting a pub and there it was in all its splendor.  Anyone on the list?
> Aloha
> Perry

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