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Per Schoerner per at schoerner.se
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That is correct.  However, when the accelerator is not depressed the overdrive will be kept engaged by the overdrive switch in combination with the cutout switch. Depending on how well, or not well, the cutout switch is adjusted the cutout can happen with very little or very much depression of the accelerator.
So if the overdrive disengages on acceleration and engages again when the accelerator is not depressed this is what happens. Disconnect the cables from the relay and test it with an ohm meter and you will see what I mean.


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> 4 aug. 2017 kl. 21:40 skrev healeymanjim <healeymanjim at hansencc.net>:
> i thought the relay was used to engage it.  no problem engaging the o/d, just keeping it engaged.
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>> If you investigate the overdrive relay, I think you will find that it doesn't work.
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>>> 3 aug. 2017 kl. 16:57 skrev healeymanjim <healeymanjim at hansencc.net>:
>>> bj8 has recently started to kick out of overdrive when i accelerate.  does not do it all the time, but anytime i am 
> climbing a
>>> hill and push on throttle it kicks out until no longer accelerating.  it will do it even when going down a hill.  i am 
> assuming a
>>> worn accumulater, but any ideas of what else it might be before i start tearing into it.  
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