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Cars that no longer exist (perhaps went to Healey Heaven in the 1970s with
no record being kept) are more difficult to identify now than the ones that
do exist.  Of the 9,040 currently accounted for, only 79 BJ8s have been
confirmed to have been destroyed, parted out, rusted away or otherwise no
longer exist.  Others may not exist now, but did when the registry record
was entered (some from historical sources).  The registry does attempt to
document the existence and preserve the ownership history of each car, for
the benefit of current and future owners who will want to know who owned
their car before them.  There isn't any other place where that information
can be documented and preserved except the registry.  And how many owners
would object to being contacted by the owner 5 or 10 years from now for more
information about their time with the car?  How will they know you existed
and how to get in touch with you if there is no record?

As an example of this, I was contacted last week by the original owner of a
car that he sold in 1980.  He was very interested in locating it now to buy
it back, but he had no VIN and the registry had no record of either him or
the buyer.


There is a surprising percentage of the 17,712 cars built that apparently
still survive in one condition or another.   Exactly how many is impossible
to say with any accuracy unless all of them could be located at the same
point in current time.  We do the best we can with that, but it does require
the cooperation and participation of as many owners as possible.


Steve Byers


BJ8 Registry

AHCA Delegate at Large

Havelock, NC  




On 8/2/2017 3:31 PM, Simon Griffin wrote:

That is impressive!  This does not mean that 9000 survive I suppose?



100 owner


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