[Healeys] new car search

Larry Varley varley at cosmos.net.au
Mon Oct 31 23:39:07 MDT 2016

Honestly are some people on this list on drugs? If so I think they need 
to cut back the dosage. Why would you look to compare a classic with a 
modern car? A classic is about the experience and love of the styling. A 
modern car is scrap metal waiting to be turned into a metallic object 
made in China. Naturally a modern car is a better utilitarian device, 
its called progress. You don't own a classic just because you want a 
mode of transport. Give the lady some credit for knowing what she wants 
and why, she wants a Sprite!


Larry Varley

BN1, BT7, Nash Healey coupe (2 ) Lotus Elise 111S, SLK55 AMG, 1940 Buick 

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