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Exactly what is a shift boot?


Is it rubber boot that’s attached to the gearbox tunnel, through which the gear stick passes? If so they were never originally leather or vinyl, but were made from rubber.


I bought a gaiter-gear lever for a side-shift gearbox (BN2 through to early BT7/BN7 Mk2) about 12 months back.


A leather/vinyl ‘shift boot’ would be easily made by a local motor trimmer.


Hoo Roo


Patrick Quinn

Blue Mountains, Australia


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Does anyone know of a source for a leather or vinyl shift boot for a BT7 side shift?



ed at wadsworthoneal.com


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Got some info from Mike, indirectly (thanks Tadek!):


"Bob:  Yes, I’m running way behind. I do have yours and six other non-adjustable hub orders lined up for the riveting. One at a time. I have around 30 wheels backlog just in finishing and shipping.  It was worse, but I did make a lot of progress toward reducing it during the summer months. I have another 40-ish wheels to make before year end. I suspect I’ll be late with those too. Been working most weekends and some evenings when I have the energy. Recently I did lose some time sick (reaction to meds) followed immediately by a week down preparing for the hurricane and then un-preparing. Please be patient with me a bit longer and I promise a very beautiful wheel.


Mike Lempert"



I thought Mike had retired, but apparently not.


Bob Spidell - San Jose, CA


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